Jim Diebolt
Placerville, CA
Phone 909-851-7972

Computer CAD Design Services For Cabinetmakers, Designers, Homeowners And Do It Yourself Woodworkers

Interior Designer Services

I will do a full design layout of your project using your room layout information. After I have finished your layout you will receive an email from me with the floor plan and elevations for your approval. Once you make the changes you want, I will input those into the computer and generate a new floor plan, elevations and color 3-D render views and send them back to you. You can email all the information to your customer, have them review them at your office or take your computer to them and give a presentation at their home.

It is up to you to decide what you want your client to have. If you do send them the information you should charge them for this service.

I can assist you with as much as you need to help you sell more jobs.

Fees for services are per cabinet lineal footage

Layout Fee for Base or Upper Cabinets is $7.50 per foot

Layout Fee for all Floor to Ceiling Cabinets is $15.00 per foot

Minimum charge is $200.00 for small jobs

Click Here For An Example Of A Design Package

The renders below are also part of the Design Package
Your renders will be higher resolution than shown here